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We are all aliens in disguise, so why not be unique?

Express Yourself Through Art and Fashion

Alien Earth Designs in Colorado is a nontraditional small business for high fashion. The designer, Heather, pulls inspiration from her interests in sci-fi, space fantasy, cartoons, military, and many more.

Heather focuses on challenging wearable art and high fashion; however, she does enjoy side projects like mask creation and cosplay. 

Heather loves creative collaboration with unique individuals of all backgrounds. The Ivan Bitton Style House in Los Angeles is the home of most of her dresses.

Please contact her for rates and free quotes and estimates on a specific project. If you are interested in renting a Parachute Dress please email her.  She’d be more than happy to work with you!

Mission Statement

To imagine all things possible in materials as wearable art, creating unique and one-of a-kind fashion.

How It All Began

Heather is animator, artist, fashion designer, and entrepreneur. She is the founder of the designer brand Alien Earth Designs, created in 2012. She was born and raised in Washington state and up in a low-income household. She didn’t have many options, so she enlisted in the US Army.

It was her pleasure to serve in Operation Desert Storm as a mechanic rebuilding engines and transmissions. After exiting the Army, Heather was largely unsure of what direction to take her career.

From a young age, Heather enjoyed art and animation, inspired by her favorite cartoons. As a child she loved to draw and craft to satisfy her creative needs. While she pondered about becoming an artist, Heather knew that as a single mother she would need to find a secure job in order to take care of her family.

So she became a Washington State Patrol Officer, and in her spare time, she created chief coins and coloring books inspired by the State Patrol. The State Patrol was a major stepping stone to Heather’s career in fashion. As soon as she got a taste, she wanted more - she wanted to dive right into her true passion.

Enrolling in the Art Institute of Seattle was challenging as she juggled motherhood, full-time classes, working on designs, all while still working at the State Patrol. Many were nay-sayers and critics to Heather’s goals and aspirations. Heather may not have had the privilege to focus on one thing, but she definitely had the drive - she was passionate and had a prideful where-with-all to know that she could do it.

Success is developed in the eye of the beholder, and her ability to manage it all and cultivate success across the board is commendable. After 10 years of service, and a bachelor’s degree in Media Arts and Animation, she was well on her way to proving her critics wrong.

Then came the formation of Alien Earth Designs - a brand she envisions to empower women and men to their highest calling, also known as, their dreams. Alien Earth Designs are elegant, edgy, imaginative, unworldly-alien with earthly inspiration, futurist, and playful. Heather works hard so that she may lead by example, creating a community of people who are driven, exceptionally talented, and raw.

She wants the individuals that wear her designs to have work ethic and heart, everything incredible and unique about a woman, which truly makes this alien earth go ‘round. Conscious fashion is a priority, because she has the greater earth in mind. Generations that proceed us need to know what’s truly important.

Yes fashion, art, design, freedom, inspiration are all important- but being consciously invested in the bigger picture is the real importance. Repurposing fabric from old military parachutes, fish-nets, plastics, tin cans, & more peculiar materials on earth - she molds, reshapes, and distorts old materials to new forms.

Heather’s latest work involves a new line called “Parachutes” which is composed of colorful and majestic gowns made from military parachutes, dyed with natural acids. Another side project that she enjoys during this pandemic is creating “Bling Bling Masks.”

The first 200 masks were donated to healthcare workers on the front line at hospitals and healthcare facilities. 50% of the gross sales from the 1st batch sold to the public went to The Trevor Project, a suicide prevention hotline for LGBTQ youth.

As she continues on these paths, this year she will also be focusing on sending more dresses to the Bitton Style House in LA where her wearable art is held for fashion icons and celebrities alike to promote and adore.

Heather takes her unique human experiences from serving in the army, independence as a mother, multiple career path, and giving back to the community as one big expression of love with some attitude and flair. This sStar-Trek enthusiast loves strong people and her brand is meant for those who wish to cultivate and continuously grow.

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