Premium Costume Design That
Sparks The Creative Bones!

I am an artist and animator by day, but a cosplay designer by night. I love to create all types of costumes, wearable art and cosplays, and now offer that service to any of those who wish to dress up or cosplay!

I know how low-quality costumes can be, and seek to provide a better quality costume, while still being affordable. And I also know that cosplaying is more than simply putting on an outfit and having a blast – it’s about stepping into the shoes (literally and figuratively) of a character that means something special to you, and you want to showcase this. The love and respect you hold for the character should be reflected in your cosplay.

As I create my costumes and cosplay outfits, I remember these very important facts and create them as if I were making them for myself. I am fortunate enough in life to do what I love in all aspects, and I want that commitment and passion to not only be shown in my work, but come across to you as a potential buyer!

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Colorado Springs, Co